A Book That Should Be Read By Every Sales Manager On The Planet

Wed, Jan 28, 2015

This isn’t a new book but it’s a book that every sales manager on the planet (and after that their sales team) should have in their possession … and that is … "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success". It's main premise is that people's actions are motivated by either a "fixed" or a "growth" mindset. And if you manage a sales team you're going to thank me for this.


Because mindsets can be changed, and once you understand the difference between the two you’ll understand why a GROWTH mindset is what you want. You’ll see why with a growth mindset your success is virtually guaranteed!

Fixed vs Growth

Mindset_Cover A fixed mindset is focused on success. A growth mindset on stretching, growing and learning. A fixed mindset believes success = proving I'm smart, and/or talented. A growth mindset believes success = stretching to learn something new.


So failure, in the fixed mindset is interpreted as "I'm not talented, or good enough", while a growth mindset interprets failure as "I'm not growing or haven't learned enough".


To the fixed mindset failure also means "I'm a failure" (an identity) – which makes it easy to quit … while in the growth mindset it means, "I've failed" (still can be painful), but because it's not defining like an identity the person can pick his or her self up and resume again with further learning and improving as the objective.

Question: What happens when a person picks him or herself back up, time after time, applying what they’re learning, and growing?

Answer: They find success!


It's really a fascinating book for a salesperson, and has example after example of what the mindsets are, how they affect performance, and how they can be changed – by both management and the individual.

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