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"Now New Car Dealers (and their Comptrollers) Can

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Jenny Torres, Comptroller Says …

Multi-Store, Multi-Location Dealership

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Nearly 2,000 Auto Dealers Are Processing With Us!

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Before Going Any Further …

The testimonials you just read are from real people, from real dealerships. With real opinions. It’d be no different than what you would do if you were asked to give a testimonial.

Would you be honest, and say how you really felt? If so, what does that say? It says that these real people from real dealerships probably said what they really felt too. Isn’t that a fair assumption? With that being said, consider some of their statements! They said:

“Extremely satisfied …” “You will be happy …” “… absolutely love the system” “… they respond quickly to any issues …” “… one of the best business decisions we’ve made …” “They have a truly amazing product and are experts in their field …”

When was the last time you said “they have a truly amazing product” or “one of the best business decisions we’ve made” speaking about your credit card processor?

I didn’t think so.

What that means is this may be something you want to check out!

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Rusty Evans, Sales Manager of McCarthy's Says …

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