Credit Card Processing for New Car Dealers

Mon, Jan 12, 2015

“Now New Card Dealers (and their Comptrollers) Can Instantly Access All Their Credit Card Processing Activity – In One Centralized Place!”

Jenny Torres, Comptroller Says …

Multi-Store, Multi-Location Dealership

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Instant and Easy Reconciliation With Your DMS!

If you’re still using terminals to process credit cards you are going to love us, because your job is about to get a whole lot easier! It starts when you retire those terminals, because you won’t need them … our software has features specifically designed to meet the processing needs of a new car dealership! (watch the video testimony above).

Best of all, it makes reconciling the days transactions with your DMS at the end of the day much quicker and easier.

Over 1,600 Auto Dealers Across The US Are Processing With Us!


Because using our software will allow you to:

* See current and previous batch reports from all departments, instantly
* View individual transaction details of any batch
* Invoice # and customer name reporting facilitates instant and easy reconciliation with your DMS
* Instantly recall the record of any transaction ever processed at your dealership – including an electronic receipt with your customers electronic signature
* Do away with the need to keep, file, and store paper receipts
* Eliminate PCI-DSS issues

* And much, much more!

[NOTE: Call us today at 541-680-1602 to schedule an exclusive 15 minute webinar, or, if you prefer, you can go here to schedule one yourself]

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