Credit Card Processing For Preowned Car Dealers

Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Pre-owned Car Dealers Can Increase Their Cash Flow With Paperless Processing! (special features for BHPH Dealers!)

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3 Special Ways For “Buy Here – Pay Here” Dealers To Increase

Cash Flow:

Special Features For BHPH Dealers

Take Payments on Site

There you have it!

1.) Include a surcharge whenever setting up recurring payments

Recurring payments are easy to set up, and, with our electronic signature capture, it can even be done via email while you’re on the phone with your customer. You simply email them a receipt with the terms of the agreement. When they open their email there will be a window that pops up asking them to sign. They can either sign with their mouse or with their finger if using a smart phone or tablet. Once they’ve signed you now have a signed agreement for the number of payments you specified! Simple. Fast.

2.) Set up recurring payments in your office or over the phone

The terms are on the receipt so one signed statement authorizes all future payments. Our system will automatically charge their credit card each month according to the terms of the agreement

3.) Come in at 7 am and discover money already deposited into your bank account from payments that were made on your website the night before!

Makes it easy for mom or dad or anyone to make a payment for them on your website anytime 24/7/365. Easy to add a payment button to your site that integrates with our system so you’re processing the same as if they did it at your office.

[NOTE: Since all these ways to increase cash flow are super easy to set up – and they run on autopilot – with free access and no increase in your processing costs … why wouldn’t you want to find out more? Schedule a free webinar to see the system in action from the comfort of your computer. Just go here and choose your best time!]

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