How To Avoid Credit Card Chargebacks

Thu, Feb 19, 2015

The U.S. Has Half The World’s Credit Card Chargebacks!

(Source: 2-05-15 “Consumers Online Information” article)

Guess what the #1 reason is that consumers will dispute a credit card transaction?

The answer is so simple it almost doesn’t need an explanation … it’s because they don’t recognize the transaction. This means as easy as it for a merchant to suspect the worse when a customer disputes a transaction, the majority of the time it’s a simple mistake which can easily be avoided by being proactive.

Eliminate Chargebacks By Being Proactive

One of the best ways to avoid consumers not recognizing their transactions is by capturing an electronic signature. Think about what happens when the average customer calls their card provider and disputes a transaction.

Usually, they’re at home, opening or looking through bills. As they scan their bill they see charges they’ve forgotten, or, a business name listed on their statement in a way they’re not familiar with. We’ve all done it at one time or another.

Businesses which capture electronic signatures are PC-based, meaning they process credit cards using their computer. The advantage to this is when a customer calls to dispute a transaction, they can be emailed a receipt displaying the details of what they bought, along with their signature authorizing the charge. Case closed. If not, it will be as soon as you email that same receipt to Visa or Mastercard.

Grn_Bck_Sig_PadTo see how easy it is to get an electronic signature you can watch a short video here.

Once you’re at the page simply scroll down and click the green “Watch Videos” button. Then, click on the video that says, “Capture Electronic Signature”. In 1 minute and 38 seconds you’ll know exactly how it’s done!

[NOTE: You can even capture electronic signatures on orders taken over the phone. To see how watch the video entitled “Remote Signature Capture”. It’s as easy as clicking a couple buttons!]

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