Multi-Location Businesses

Sun, Feb 8, 2015

Credit Card Processing For Multi-Location Businesses

Centralization of Credit Card Data


Anytime a business has multiple locations it's going to be challenged by the need to keep it's data orgnized and deal with an extended paper trail. Plus, it's going to have storage and retrieval issues that exceed what a single location has to deal with. This is why pc-based credit card processing is such a necessity in our view.


A Few Mouse Clicks Is All It Takes


With pc-based transactions all data is available, at any time, with just a few simple clicks of a mouse. Gone is the need to go through physical file cabinets and folders in order to retrieve data. Pc-based transactions centralize ALL processing data for easy access. It also makes it easy to find records when you don't remember all the details of a transaction. You can search by last name, by date, by purchase amount (or range) or by invoice number.

Would you like the ability to speed up end of day reconciliation with any business management software? Would you like to recharge or refund previous transactions without having to ask clients for their card information again? How would you like to eliminate the need of storing paper receipts? All of this, and more, are possible when you process credit cards using your computer.


In addition to the above you can …

☆ Get rid of PCI issues and stop paying PCI fees
☆ Take checks over the phone
☆ Capture electronic signatures over the phone for signed phone receipts

Learn how to get more done in less time by scheduling a Free 15-20 minute demo.


Centralized Data Chart

The chart below shows 3 outstanding benefits you can capitalize on – all of which make your work far easier when reconciling data with what's recorded in your business management software.




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