Our Biggest Competitors

Wed, Jan 14, 2015

When It Comes To Competition We Have A Couple Giants To Contend With …

But We’re Up To The Challenge!

Ok, I’m going to come right out and name our 2 biggest competitors right now … They are – Change and Fatigue!

Most people resist change, and will choose discomfort (and sometimes even pain) before they’ll make changes. And fatigue? That’s included because business owners are so bombarded by phone calls from credit card processors (always with the same pitch … “we guarantee we’ll give you a lower rate”) that a huge wall of resistance goes up as soon as another comes along. Businessowners have credit card processing fatigue. And can we blame them?

But This Is Different! Here’s Why …


The Only Real Competition We Have Is “Change”
(people usually don’t like change)
Fair enough – but what changes?

This does …

The Old Way

•Processing with paper, which means – storing receipts for a minimum of 6 months, and being forced to deal with PCI issues

•Having to dig through files to find past transactions

•No way to capture signatures for orders over the phone, resulting in higher rates

•Starting over every time you’re going to recharge or refund an order

•No way to set up recurring payments

•Have to wait on the mail to get checks

•Credit cards fund in 48-72 hours


Digital Computer Processing

The New Way

• Paperless processing, which means storage is in a database – forever

No PCI issues

• Able to access past transactions instantly, with just a few clicks

Remote signature capture on phone orders, resulting in better, lower rates

• Data automatically populates fields for recharges and reorders

Set up recurring payments with a couple of clicks

• Able to take checks by phone

Card funds are deposited the next day and much, much more …!

Here’s how to see the system in action:
1. Schedule a 15 minute phone/computer webinar at http://PCCardSwipe.com/schedule-a-webinar

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