The Best Credit Card Processing For Multi-location Car Dealers

Thu, Mar 19, 2015

Computer vs Credit Card Terminal

Auto dealers can realize significant benefits from computer-based processing (vs. a terminal), because the typical dealership has a least 3 departments they're getting transaction data from each day – the big 3 are sales, service and parts. Often, there are even more departments, e.g., body shop, rental, finance and/or miscellaneous (some dealers even have refreshment areas complete with coffee bars, etc. … which of course means more credit card data).


With each new department comes an increased need to consolidate data into one centralized location for ease of reporting and reconciling the day’s activity with whatever DMS is being used. Additional locations magnify the need exponentially! It's not uncommon for multi-location car dealers to be integrating data from 20, 30, 40 or even more credit card terminals at their corporate headquarters. This creates a paper trail nightmare to contend with!



CFO's, IT Directors and Controllers have found that by converting to paperless, pc-based processing, they can completely eliminate the security risks, wastes of time and aggravation inherent with using outdated 20th century processing. Not to mention the ease of data sharing (or restriction thereof), recall of previous transactions (in seconds with a couple mouse clicks) and more.


21st Century Credit Card Processing


A few of the benefits of 21st Century processing – you can …



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Everyone knows computers and software have transformed everything from printing to how we access information – what they're not as familiar with is how they're also transforming the way we can process a credit card … dramatically reducing workloads while enabling us to get MORE done in LESS time, which of course saves money in the process.

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