7 Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Credit Card Terminal!


Be Green – Process Credit Cards With Our FREE Software …

*Hmmm … Would you like FREE equipment too?

7 Reasons To Go Paperless:


Reason #7 …

If you process over $20k/mos in credit cards – and want more control over transaction data – we’ll give you the *FREE equipment you need to get started!

[NOTE: We’ll even give you free equipment if you only process over $10k/mos, if you meet certain other conditions. Everyone gets a FREE Gateway and a FREE Virtual Terminal. The Card Swiper and Electronic Signature Pad are free with qualifications, and it’s automatic with over $20k/mos in card volume]

I’ll Tell You What … I’ll Even Give You Another Bonus Reason!


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(1 set of *FREE equipment = a card swiper, a virtual terminal, and, an electronic signature capture device. Additional equipment available for purchase if needed – e.g. for multiple locations, work stations, etc.)